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  • Power:190V~240V/50HZ (90V~260V The voltage can order)
  • Lamp: HMI 2500W/GS
  • All Power Consumption : 3000W
  • Control Signal: DMX 512
  • Control Channels: 4 CH
  • Single Flycase Size(L x W x H) : 1540x630x545 (mm)
  • Power Flycase Size(L x W x H) : 595x410x420 (mm)
  • Light body Carton Size(L x W x H) : 1360x460x335 (mm)
  • Power Carton Size(L x W x H) : 505x370x252 (mm)
  • N.W : 33.8 KG
  • G.W : 38.8 KG
  • Power N.W: 28.5KG
  • Power G.W : 29.6KG
  • Motors : 5



@ Applying new type aluminum alloy and casting steel plate shell design
@ Two color wheels, achieving over 20 colors
@ Rainbow effect
@ Electronic linear infinite adjustment
@ Strobe effect, light adjusting integration design
@ Color temperature effect
@ The lamp beam angle reaches 15°with the jetting distance 30m
@ Key and push-pull switch integration, easily use
@ When using online service, achieving synchronous changes through main controller or connecting the DMX512 controlling table so as to avoid theinconvenience caused by operator communication
@ Accurate barycenter, flexible and adjustable controlling panel make the operation easy and accurate
@ 3 convection cooling-fan,optimize internal air duct way, heat elimination rapidely
@ Built-in over heat protection and high voltage protection
@ Controlling 4 channels
@ Compatible with DMX512 international digital signal.
@ PFC power factor compensation
@ According to various kinds of safety standards, IP20 protect grades
@ The cable accords to the CE20/22 standard
@ Suitable for stage, performance and entertainment occasions as well as the multi-functional studio and Disco